Pray as a church

One way to pray for parliament and government is to do so as part of your normal church service. 

We know churches pray in many different ways. One such way is to through the use of liturgy. Below is a liturgy your church may find helpful as it seeks to pray for politics.

You can download a PowerPoint of the prayer here.

God of All Government

God of all Government,
Send workers into the harvest field of political life.

Call your people. Not simply those who pay you lip service,
But those who hear your voice and know your name,
Those who will not serve two masters,
Those who will choose kingdom over tribe,
Those who are not ashamed of the gospel,
Those who will speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
Those who will seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, and plead the case of the widow,
Those who will seek to reconcile more than separate,
Those who will seek to co-operate more than compete,
Those who will seek peace more than power,
Those who will burn and draw others to the heat,
Those who do not despise the day of small beginnings,
Those who pray your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Those for whom “to live is Christ, but to die is gain”
 Those who will choose your glory over self-promotion,
Those who will choose truth over expediency,
Those who will listen to the still, small voice more than the megaphone of the media,
Those who will care for the least of these, rather than genuflect to the greatest,
Those who find their identity and security in their divine election more than their election by man,
Those whose citizenship is in heaven, and whose primary allegiance is to another King
Those who cannot help but speak of the reason for the hope that they have,
Those who know your grace for their failings,
Those who are holy, as you are holy.

Call out an army that will march on its knees in humility
To fight not with the weapons of this world
But the invisible ammunition of your Kingdom.