We want young Christians across the country to speak to us – to share their experiences of politics – so that we may listen and learn.

We are asking you to speak to us by attending a listening workshop: information about them can be found here. Accounts of the ones we have conducted can be found on the SPEAK page.

Why, then, are we starting by hearing you speak to us?

We think that face-to-face encounters where people speak and listen are very powerful. Young people are often used to being told about what they should do or achieve. By contrast, we would like to start by listening to you, and then help open up doors or break down barriers so that you may become politically active.

In John 1: 38-39, when Jesus encounters the disciples for the first time, he asks them: ‘What do you seek’? And after they answer, he replies ‘Come and see’. He asks people what they desire, and then invites them on a journey. By conducting listening workshops across the country, we would like something in a similar spirit.

Acting on what one most cares about is a theme of many of the political stories in Those Who Show Up. People such as Gavin Shuker MP, Lizzie Jukes and Cllr Tanya Burch worked out what they wanted – whether that was to tackle homelessness, improve education standards, or reduce litter in the street - and then endeavoured to take positive, constructive action to do something about it. Without knowing it, they end up showing up to board meetings and living out a political vocation. 

We hope and pray that, in the same spirit, the many young Christians we encounter may be drawn to Show Up as well.