This workshop is designed to listen to young people about their personal experiences of politics, and to facilitate discussion about how faith relates to politics.

The following is a template for how the workshop will work – they are the broad outlines, but individual expression is encouraged. Please get in touch via our survey if you would like to lead or be part of a workshop in your area.


The presenter explains who they are and why they are here. Then we can have a ‘round’ where every person in the group answers:

What is your name?

What drew you here?

How important do you think it is that young Christians engage in politics and why?


An icebreaker can be used to loosen to group. One we sometimes use at Christians in Politics is:

Politician or boy band? Select quotations are read out to the group.  The challenge is to decide whether they were uttered by either a politician or a boy band. (We have copies of this game)


This session is probably only necessary if you are working with a school group.

The group writes up on a flipchart all the institutions/bodies that come to mind when they think of politics. Then connect them up and show how they are all linked.


Everyone can stand in a line - very off-putting and very exciting at opposite ends. People should then explain their position.

When has politics seemed off-putting to you and why?

Can someone share a story about a time when politics seemed to matter?


This aims to challenge the group about whether – and how far – faith and politics are connected. If so, in what way?

Group discussion could be a way of kicking this off.

Potential questions:-

Was Jesus political?

What sort of political engagement, if any, do we see in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments?


The purpose of the discussion is to stir up the group and get them to think about practical steps they can take to engage in politics.

What most angers you in your area? E.g. Lack of jobs, bad housing, litter in the streets, poor mental health support…

How can you constructively engage with these issues? What kind of political practices might be helpful for you to do this?

SHOW UP VIDEO - ( - Are you willing to show up?


Thanks for participating. We would love to keep in touch with you, hear your stories, and help you participate in politics.

If you would like to share your experiences with others, reflect on how politics can become more compelling, or encourage others to act, then please do keep in touch – we are here to help.