Youth Board Member Amy Fortnam led a great workshop at Knowle Parish Church and describes its fruits here:

We had a great evening discussing politics, what it means, who it affects and whether there is a place for young Christians within it. The young people suggested politics was ‘everywhere and in all organisations’, ‘a way of governing people’ and ‘quite important’. They began with factual observations, then moved on to saying that it could be divisive, personal and with selfish motivations.

As to which issues most anger or motivate the young people, we talked about the Refugee Crisis, Trident and pressures on the NHS and it was clear the discussion had become underlined by frustration at the way things currently are. As we looked at the role young people play they were keen to have votes at 16 saying ‘it’s our future we should have a say’. They were conscious of the stereo-types of young people as ignorant and irresponsible and they believed that it was important to fight this.

One suggestion that came out of the discussion was to learn about the political system in school through PSHE.We looked at the tension between being in the world but not of the world, and wanting to do good without compromising our faith to do it. It was clear that holding onto God’s higher authority and ‘fixed truth’ was key.

'One person said they disliked politics but wanted to ‘do it to fix it’ because reform is possible.'

We noted the increase in democracy over the last 50 years and how ‘power to the people’ was the best way forward. We closed by reflecting on how to develop strong Christian leaders for the future. I look forward to catching up with these young people individually to do just that!