Our first listening workshop took place on Saturday 12th November at our Show Up North conference.  

A group of young Christians shared their experiences of politics: why it can be off-putting, but also what has inspired them to engage.

One common experience was that politics often seems quite intimidating – particularly if you have never studied politics at school or have family or friends involved in politics, it can be hard to know where to start.

But then it was also made clear that a bit of encouragement can go a long way and can inspire political engagement. And when that happens, the idea that politics is intimidating melts away.

One participant, Katie Gauntlett, spoke powerfully about how a politician challenged her by asking - ‘do you care about your local area’? If so, the person continued, then finding political solutions to help one’s neighbours is your duty. This encounter made a lasting impression, leading her to take the initiative by coming to Show Up North.

Also, Amy Fortnam and Beth Prescott – both of whom will be joining our board - shared great testimonies (see here) about what drew them into politics.

The group have stayed in touch and it will be exciting to see what they will do next…