As a young person, moving into the political world can be intimidating. You are confronted by institutions, complex policy debates, tribal arguments, and perhaps also the scorn of people who insist that politics should be the preserve of the experienced and knowledgeable. Our Manchester listening workshop demonstrated that this is often the predicament that young people face.

In such a situation, what can be helpful? What concrete things can one do to move beyond this? Well, as several of our reflections indicate, it is often the gentle support of an older peer that can renew one’s confidence and give guidance about which steps to take next. Jen Davis’ encounter with an MP had such a great effect; Sian Davidson’s grandfather played that role for her.

A political mentor is someone who can play this role. If you lean towards the left, Christians on the Left have launched a mentoring scheme that you might be interested in. 

The programme aspires to train new members to be the best public speakers, activists, debaters and policy writers possible. This is achieved with the close support of experienced mentors who have spent years in politics. It is designed for those who hear God’s call to enter politics, whatever their current background or experience.

Both the Conservative Christian Fellowship and Liberal Democrat Christian Forum also have opportunities for training and support – do get in touch with them if you too would like guidance and support on your political journey.