What has come up frequently in our listening workshops is that lack of knowledge can feel like a barrier or obstacle to political engagement. How can you become a public leader if you do not have the training, support and expertise of others to help you?

The Conservative Christian Fellowship’s IMPACT Leadership in Public Life course offers a great opportunity to grow and develop as a public leader and gain the kind of training that can be of great help.

Details can be found on the CCF website here - https://www.christian-conservatives.org.uk/impact-course or by contacting the CCF office on 020 7984 8305.

The objectives of the course are: to equip one with Biblical teaching so as to develop one’s Christian worldview; to facilitate one’s development as a leader in politics; and to provide excellent opportunities for networking, peer support and experience with Christian leaders in government. 

It runs over a ten month period which spreads across seven Saturdays, and three residential weekends, and is designed to be accessible to those in full time work.

Several testimonies show clearly just how beneficial the course can be in giving orientation, foundation and preparation for political life. 

Valerie Williams, an alumni from the 2015 course, comments: “An outstanding course of training for public/political life giving sound foundation, information, preparation and connections; accelerating the students into their chosen political careers with good strong support from political experts and professionals."  

ACT now by making steps to join the next IMPACT course: applications are being accepted now.