If you are looking to gain experiences in the political world after graduating, there are a handful of Christian internships on offer which are well worth considering. 

Here we mention three schemes worthy of note:

  1. First, CARE Leadership Programme

"The Leadership Programme provides highly capable graduates with the opportunity to work for a Member of Parliament or an NGO. Our graduates find themselves involved in speech writing, research, advocacy, media engagement and public relations. Most internships are London-based, but we also offer Parliamentary placements in Edinburgh and Brussels. This 11 month educational programme provides a unique insight into Parliament and political advocacy. Internships are tailored to participants’ interests and career plan. Additionally, for one day a week, graduates participate in an intensive study programme that includes political theology and training in leadership skills."

  1. Buxton Urban Leadership Programme

"The Buxton Leadership Programme aims to develop a new generation of Christian leaders who can bring the experiences of inner-city communities into dialogue with Westminster. Interns will have the chance to explore the role of faith in public life both on a national level and at the grassroots. Successful applicants will work as community organisers in local churches on a range of campaigns and concerns. They will also spend part of their placement in a political organisation or Parliamentary office.

As such the year-long programme involves a unique combination of a Parliamentary placement alongside an opportunity to practise church-based community organising in a diverse and economically deprived area.”

  1. Bishops’ Conference Internship

“The Catholic Parliamentary and Public Affairs Internship Scheme, which began in 2003, provides eight recently graduated Catholics with intensive experience of political and social action in a spiritual context. Four interns will be placed with Christian MPs at Westminster, one in a parliamentary support role within the Secretariat, two in public policy and social action with CAFOD and CSAN, and one in a media internship with the Catholic Communications Network (CCN). In addition to educational work experience, all of the internships also involve individually guided retreats and spiritual guidance throughout the year. Each intern will take part in an intellectual formation course in Ethics and Catholic Social Teaching, run by the Bishops’ Conference, as well as exploring the political landscape and the Church’s involvement in social action through a series of events.”