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Brexit - Order from Chaos

Influence - Elijah and Obadiah

Jesus and Politics


#ShowUp 2.0


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Talking Politics on Love World TV (October 2015)

Was Jesus Political? By PAX videos (November 2017)

MissionAll Influence Conference: Living for Christ – IN Society and FOR Society (March 2017)

Speaking Truth to Power: Premier Digital Conference in December 2017

How Christians in Politics seek to engage and develop others By One Rock (November 2016)

New Wine 2017 

Sarah Dickson from Liberal Democrats Christian Forum speaking about Esther and the ways in which we can use political influence for Godly purposes.

Dr David Landrum from Evangelical Alliance speaking about how Christian political engagement goes wrong if we draw our identity from our tribe more than from Jesus

Dr Nick Spencer' from Theos's closing notes on The Good Samaritan at New Wine, Week 1, July 2017. When Politicians from different groups use the parable of the Good Samaritan to support their policies, are any of them using it in the right context?

Andy Flannagan from Christians in Politics speaking from the books of Daniel and Obadiah about when it's best to comply and when to defy authority. What does that look like in the world of politics? Can we maintain integrity without sacrificing influence? Can we disagree yet preserve good relationships?

Gareth Wallace speaking about Jesus and Politics at New Wine. Was Jesus inspiring revolution or blessing democracy? How do we strike a balance between taking responsibility and turning over the tables?


Anna Rowlands: Catholic Social Teaching

Part 1: Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching

Part 2: Labour, capital & the living wage

Part 3: The Common Good

Part 4: Cross-party unity & migration

Youthwork Summit