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Nick Spencer on the election


In a witty and thought-provoking article, Nick Spencer from Theos critiques the manner in which much of the 2017 election campaign has been conducted.

Rather than being a paragon of democratic speech and thoughtful debate and deliberation, Spencer describes the campaign as ‘an exercise in saying as little as possible, as frequently as possible, or as colourfully as possible.

His conclusion is that:

'an informed and engaged public is less likely to allow their leaders to get away with mere sloganeering and abuse.'

We agree. The more informed and engaged we are, the more substantive and thoughtful political debate will be. The bolder we are in taking the initiative and setting the tone of political debate, the more our politics will focus on our common life. The more we positively engage in politics, the better for all.

In short, we must SHOW UP.

So rather than seeing 8th June as the culmination of a rather noisy and at times, unedifying campaign, why not consider it as the beginning of  greater, more positive engagement in politics? 

Here are just a couple of suggestions for how you can take a first step towards contributing to a more positive political environment.


Whatever it is, we are here to help --- please do get in touch at info@christiansinpolitics.org.uk