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Difficulties getting to the Polling Station?

You’re at the hairdressers, chatting to the stylist (or barber!) and the election comes into the conversation. They say that they’d really like to vote, but as June 8th is a Thursday, they can’t as it’s a late night opening and they won’t get back in time to get to the polling station.

What do you say?

  1. Never mind, it won’t matter
  2. Why not apply for a Postal Vote?
  3. Is there someone you trust to vote on your behalf? You could apply for a Proxy Vote
  4. Could you take a little more off the back please?

OK – let’s have a think about these ….

  1. NO! This is a non-starter answer! It does matter! (not convinced? Click here)
  2. Postal Vote: This is probably the best answer! This is very easy to do – you just need to download a simple form, and send it back to your local authority by 5pm on Tuesday 23 May

Click here for the form and a clever little thing to find your local authority.

PLEASE NOTE: different arrangements apply in Northern Ireland. Click here for those.

  1. Proxy Vote: Thankfully, the government recognises that getting to a Polling Station can be a challenge for some people – reasons include work commitments, disability, or even if you are away on an educational course. You can therefore nominate someone else to vote on your behalf.  There are different forms for different reasons (here), and to be honest, they are a bit complicated. But the deadline is later than the postal vote deadline.  For proxy votes in England, Wales and Scotland it’s 5pm on Wednesday 31 May  Again – different arrangements and deadlines apply in Northern Ireland [click here]
  2. Only if you are REALLY sure…

Pros and cons of postal voting and proxy voting:

There is something iconic and tangible about going to the polling station, making your cross on the ballot form and then putting it in the big black box.  It’s the photo/footage all media outlets use for political leaders on polling day.

It may not seem quite so meaningful to complete your ballot paper on the kitchen table while the kettle is boiling, but if that is the best way to ensure you vote, then it really is worth it.

I applied for a postal ballot several years ago when I commuted quite a way to work.  I realised with striking clarity that the temptation to put my feet up with a cuppa (OK, with glass of something cold…) rather than go to the polling station was too great. 

It turns out this was a GREAT decision! The forms always arrive in plenty of time and even have a freepost envelope so I don’t have to find a stamp!

Your vote matters – please use it….