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A call for students to have a go!

Luke Smith works for Fusion an organisation that works with university students. He previously has worked for Parliamentary Brief magazine and for Nick Clegg when he was an MEP. Here he encourages students to 'show up' and have a go at politics.

Students of today stand upon a greater vista of history than has ever existed before. They can pluck stories, documents and opinions from the virtual memories of the world. They are more equipped to analyse the present based on what the past has taught us. They are also able to project forward and predict how the future will unfold with ever increasing developments in all areas of life. 

The trouble is, it’s all a bit paralysing. For the student in the developed world, they know they are one of millions of pearls sitting in the world’s oyster. They know they are special and they feel that they ought to use that opportunity. But as the pressure increases, activity decreases. There is a fear of getting it wrong. A fear of being judged by others. 

I love students. I love their passion, their vigour, their potential and their capacity for greatness. One of the most enjoyable things I do is having coffee with a student as they figure out what they want their life to count for. The best route to discovering what you want to impact in the world is to have a go and chat to God along the way. Sitting still and waiting for a divine instruction tends to be less effective. I believe this is because God likes to work with people who will have a go. He journey’s with us through life and speaks in the journey. It’s not to say that he can’t give someone exact instructions for their life, it’s just that he loves to work with people on the move. 

So my call to students is to have a go. Ask yourself what doesn’t seem right and what seems better. Then without wasting time, pick up a pen, tie up your laces and crack on. Ask God what he thinks about it as you go. It’s time to stop criticising decisions made by other people. It’s time to stop hurling insults at a system. It’s time to start dreaming and speaking. It’s time to show up.