Youth Engagement Project

Christians in Politics is launching a youth engagement project. It aims to inspire and equip young Christians (particularly aged 18–25) to engage in politics in the most fruitful and compelling way possible.

The project will be led by a group of young Christians from different political parties and church traditions – people who gain life by encouraging and inspiring others to flourish.

The project consists of three main stages.

First: a period of listening. We will listen to young Christians across the country by conducting an online survey and hosting discussion groups in churches and youth groups. We want to find out – at the level of personal experience - what is attractive, off-putting and exciting about engaging in politics or joining a party.

Second: a reflection stage. Based on what they have heard, the CiPol youth team will diagnose what at present makes political engagement challenging. And then, reflecting on scripture, the Christian tradition, and our own SHOW UP campaign, they will think creatively about how these obstacles may be overcome. How, ultimately, can young Christians be empowered to impact politics?

Third, and flowing from the above, comes the action stage. In collaboration with other organisations, we hope to organise several events, experiences and opportunities for young Christians to engage in politics. At heart we want to create structures that enable politics to be an exciting and attractive vocation.

If this project excites you, please do get in touch. Whether you are interested in joining the Christians in Politics youth team, hosting a discussion group in your church, or collaborating for an event, we would love to hear from you - contact

Watch Christians in Politics Co-Director, Andy Flannagan, sharing his vision for young people engaging in politics.