The EU Referendum: What next?

It's been a busy few weeks for Christians in Politics. With the launch of the EU Focus initiative and the #disagreewell campaign we have been seeking to equip Christians to make an informed decision on the EU, as well as challenge the tone of the debate. This came to a head with the declaration of unity we oversaw, with a number of politicians co-signing a letter calling on Christians to demonstrate 'good disagreement' and reconciliation.

Now with the EU Referendum over, many of you will be asking what next? Whether you're elated or dissapointed, how the Church and the wider Christian community responds to this seismic shift in UK politics is hugely important. There have been a couple of helpful articles already about what that response should look like including this from Christians in Politics Co-Director Andy Flannagan and this from Andy Walton of the Centre for Theology & Community.

If you've felt galvanized - or even frustrated - by politics over the last few months and want to commit to engaging more long-term, we'd also love to connect with you.

More than ever, we need Christians willing to engage in the political process, build relationships and serve their communities during this time of transition.

A great opportunity to explore what this might look like will be at our SHOW UP NORTH conference in Manchester this November. The day-long conference will include talks and seminars as well as opportunities to build relationships with others equally passionate about politics and serving their communities. Wherever you're at on your journey to engage with politics there will be something for you, so we hope to see you there!

For more information about the conference click here.