Snooker, Christians and Politics

It’s both encouraging and reassuring to know that Churches around the country will be taking time in their services over the next couple of weeks to pray specifically for the General Election.

But may I make a suggestion? Would your church take a couple of minutes to show this short video about the Parable of the Good Samaritan? I hope this will help your congregation reflect on how we can use our experience of community engagement to contribute to broader discussions in public life and politics, even after the election is over.

May I illustrate this from the world of snooker?

When taking a shot in professional snooker, players not only aim to pot the ball, but also line up the cue ball in readiness for their next shot.

The outcome of the election on June 8th will be felt for some time and the issues we raise with candidates during the campaign will help shape the way politics is conducted during the next 5 years. In this election, we have an opportunity not only to ‘pot the ball’ (engage with candidates and vote), but we can also ‘line up the cue ball’ for the next 5 years.  We can highlight the issues that matter to us and our communities and let candidates know that we don’t just want to stand on the side-lines for the next 5 years until we can vote again.  Our democracy is so much more interesting than that!

After June 8th, the newly elected Members of Parliament, whether on the government benches or the opposition, will be open to suggestions and advice from those with experience and insight to help them fulfil their function as representatives of the people.

The parable of the Good Samaritan highlights the Biblical imperative for Christians to care for those in crisis – whoever and wherever they are.  This short, but compelling, video highlights the potential Christians have to draw from their ‘Good Samaritan’ experience to make positive and creative suggestions for how things can be different. When Christians combine this experience with their faith and biblical values, we can identify measures that can help our communities flourish, become safe places and enable people to reach their God-given potential.

Our prayer is to see the church’s engagement with parliamentary candidates as merely the beginning of a new era of positive political engagement by Christians.

It would be wonderful if churches around the country showed this short video to encourage the prayerful participation of its congregation in politics and public life.

To encourage a response to this video, please consider using the hymn, ‘We Seek Your Kingdom’, (sung to the tune of ‘Abide With Me’) which echoes this theme, and a prayer ‘God of all Government’.  The words to these, including a powerpoint version can be found here  and other election related material can also be found on our Show Up website

Please visit our Show Up website for information, videos and other resources for the General Election 2017