Post Election Reflection

After reviewing the election results this morning, it seems a little too obvious to suggest we pray for our country and the new Government.  Clearly we need to pray – but how?

Krish Kandiah observes that in the wake of the recent terror attacks, ordinary people put themselves in danger to protect strangers and calls for some of that spirit to ‘invade our political life’.  

He then briefly expounds on 5 Bible verses to help our thinking and reflection on what has happened and to inform our prayers.

Dave Landrum from the Evangelical Alliance also calls for reflection alongside prayer and adds that Christians need to step up to the plate and become more involved in leading change in our society.

Both of these articles call for reflection and action but also recognise the need for Christians to become involved in public life.  The imperative for Christians to Show Up has not diminished, but strengthened.

The Lord will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure. Isaiah 33 v6

What about you?

Perhaps you feel that you have nothing to say? Moses thought the same thing when God called him.  He doubted he had anything to say and was sure no-one would listen to him.  The Lord asked him: ‘What is in your hand?’  All he had was a staff – a plain ordinary stick.  Nothing fancy. Oh, and a willingness to be used…

What is in your hand? Experience of working at a food bank? Visiting the elderly in a care home? Praying for persecuted Christians? Handing out squash at a parent and toddler group?

Perhaps your experience is just what is needed… please take a minute to watch this short video.

Today and in the coming days, please do pray for our country and our government – but also ask whether you could be the answer to these prayers.  If so, why not get in touch with one of the Christian agencies attached to political parties, whose aim is to help Christians make that step.