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Political Hero from The Bible: Nehemiah

Nehemiah is the true anti-dote to the 'duck house' politician. He demonstrated humility, sacrifice and perseverance from a position of leadership and service. He was a man that was deeply compassionate about the plight of the Jewish people and took i... Read more

Claire Reports on Momentum 2014

Christians in Politics Director Claire Mathys spent the weekend at Momentum a Christian festival aimed at the 20s and 30s age group. She writes about some of her experiences. Read more

Greenbelt 2014

Greenbelt 2014 will be remembered for a number of things. Chief among them perhaps will be the distance between where campers left their cars to where they set up their tents. Upon arrival it was like a vast nomadic tribe was trudging across the Nort... Read more

Political Hero from The Bible: John the Baptist

At first glance, John the Baptist may appear an odd choice for a political hero from the Bible. He was, by all accounts, nonconformist. His ministry involved living like a wildman in the desert, dressing in camel hair and eating whatever he could lay... Read more

Christians in Politics gets a makeover

Christians in Politics has got a new look. We’ve rebranded and re-launched the website and now there’s loads of ways you can get involved and be part of the Christians in Politics family. Read more

Colin reports on the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast

Christians in Politics Director Colin Bloom attended the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast at Westminster Hall along with the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and 700 other church leaders, diplomats and MPs. He shares with us some o... Read more

Lessons from washing the car

Christians in Politics Director Andy Flannagan shares at the Youthwork Summit about washing the car with his dad and what it taught him about Christians engaging in politics. Read more

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