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Show Up Weekend: Speaker profiles

The Show Up Weekend will be an exclusive opportunity to get to grips with how faith and politics can relate with input from church leaders, theologians and MPs. Read more

Tim Farron on faith, morality and serving others

Tim Farron MP was yesterday announced as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. Members of the Liberal Democrat party, whose numbers have swelled since the election, had a choice between Tim Farron and Norman Lamb with 56.5% of members voting in fa... Read more

Christian engagement in politics: awkward; uncomfortable; vital

The General Election was an opportunity for us all to indulge in a feast of political deliberation and discussion. Question Time was just that little bit more heated, the live debates were the hot topic of conversation, Russell Brand was in full anar... Read more

The tragedy and possibility of joining a political party

Since the election we’ve seen the number of people joining political parties swelling. The Lib Dems alone have witnessed over 16,000 people join the party with the hashtag #LibDemFightBack occupying social media news feeds and at one point a new pe... Read more

Show Up Weekend

The truth is politics can be a big and daunting topic. We may be interested in politics, we may even feel called to be more involved in politics, but knowing the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ can be frankly overwhelming. Read more

Political Hero from the Bible: Paul

In this series we take a look at 'political heroes' from the Bible and see what lessons we can take from them in today's political arena. This latest article looks at Paul. Read more

I what?

Many of you would have been inspired by the #ShowUp campaign which has captured the imagination of Christians all over the country. Read more

Opposing MPs rise above election noise to challenge UK Church

Conservative MP, Gary Streeter, and Labour MP, Rob Flello, have come together to call upon Christians and the wider public to participate in politics, not just commentate and complain. Read more

These are the days of Elijah...and Obadiah too

Ian Geary, Executive Member of Christians on the Left, explores two Bible characters who have a lot to teach us as we prepare for the General Election. Read more

Politics is in need of incarnation not just demonstration

While Christians are often on hand to deal with people in crisis, there is a lack of Christian representation upstream, in the political sphere. Andy Flannagan explains how the Show Up campaign aims to redress the balance. Read more

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