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7 recommended summer reads on faith & politics

For lots of us, the summer months offer a time to rest. The call to rest is woven into the Bible, with God resting on the seventh day of creation. In Mark 6:31 we find Jesus also advocating for retreat saying to his disciples after a particularly bus... Read more

A nation on its knees: Lessons from Zimbabwe’s #ThisFlag movement

Last Wednesday an estimated 5,000 citizens gathered outside the magistrate’s courts on Rotten Row in Harare, Zimbabwe. Inside Pastor Evan Mawarire - a man who leads a small congregation of less than 100 - was accused of stealing a police baton and ... Read more

The EU Referendum: What next?

It's been a busy few weeks for Christians in Politics. With the launch of the EU Focus initiative and the #disagreewell campaign we have been seeking to equip Christians to make an informed decision on the EU, as well as challenge the tone of the d... Read more

6 key issues for Christians to consider on June 23rd

This summary condenses a range of recent academic Christian thinking on the European Union referendum into 6 key issues for Christians to consider. Read more

Prayer vigil for Jo Cox MP in Parliament Square

We, as so many, were shocked and saddened by the news of the tragic and untimely death of Labour MP Jo Cox yesterday. Read more

Annual Service with Dr RT Kendall

Last week, Christians in Politics, Christians in Parliament and Christians in Government came together for the Annual Service of Prayer & Worship. The service is a great opportunity to hear about the great work that is going on in parliament and ... Read more

The EU 'conversation' tour of cathedrals

From Exeter in the South West to Newcastle in the North East, Christians in Politics - in partnership with the Reimagining Europe blog and Theos - has been organising a series of ‘conversations’ on the upcoming EU Referendum. Read more

Disagreeing well in the age of Trump, Twitter and internet trolls

Whether you think Donald Trump is dangerous and deluded or a breath of fresh air in today’s political climate of ultra-pragmatism, you can’t get away from the fact that he has caused quite a stir. Has the internet ever got so political than in it... Read more

The EU Referendum: Why bother?

Indulge me for a minute while I strip away some of the excess fat that has attached itself to the EU referendum. Let’s take away Boris and his potential posturing; let’s take away Farage and his Kippers; and let’s take away clumsy terminology l... Read more

Launch of the 'EU Focus' initiative

This week sees the launch of the EU Focus initiative from Christians in Politics that seeks to help Christians navigate the tricky (and sometimes heated) issue of EU membership. Read more