Opposing MPs rise above election noise to challenge UK Church

Conservative MP, Gary Streeter, and Labour MP, Rob Flello, have come together to call upon Christians and the wider public to participate in politics, not just commentate and complain.

It coincides with the launch of a second SHOW UP video with a powerful and challenging message to the UK church.

The video, using an often overlooked quote from Martin Luther King, questions whether the church is currently playing its full role in society.  It suggests the church limits its role to being the “Good Samaritan” when there is more to the Christian mission.

Gary Streeter and Rob Flello commenting on the SHOW UP campaign stated that:

“In the run-up to a general election and amidst all the different party political campaigning, it is all too easy to become disillusioned, shrug our shoulders and not get involved. Instead, what if Christians all over the country got actively involved in politics to make a positive difference?”

Please watch and share the video below. The video can also be downloaded here for use in churches and small groups.