Looking back at 2015

2015 has been a very exciting year for Christians in Politics as it seeks to inspire and equip Christians to positively engage in politics and public life. Many different events have been organised and many different people have been engaged with the call for Christians to get actively involved in politics.

The SHOW UP campaign was launched at the start of 2015 to inspire Christians in the UK to engage with politics both by voting in the General Election, and then by taking this further by joining political parties, supporting campaigns and standing for election. 36 partner organisations joined this campaign, which comprised of speaker events around the country, showing the SHOW UP video in churches and at festivals, the SHOW UP website, the SHOW UP book, and engaging with the media.

This campaign had a wide-reaching impact; there were over 45,000 online video views, tens of thousands of unique users on the SHOW UP website as well as multiple magazine articles and radio and TV appearances. A poll after the campaign revealed that 96% believed that the SHOW UP campaign had an important message for the church and 70% said they were more likely to engage with politics as a result.

Another highlight of the year was the SHOW UP Weekend in Ascot on 6th-8th November. 125 people gathered together from all sides of the political spectrum and from all over the country to connect with one another and to receive teaching on how they can engage meaningfully with politics. Speakers included Krish Kandiah, Jonathan Oloyede, Gary Streeter MP, Ness Wilson, Anna Rowlands and Os Guinness. There were small group discussions, a Q&A session with MPs and Councillors, one-to-ones, fellowship meetings of the Christian groups of the main political parties (LDCF, CCF and CotL), and practical seminars. Many people commented that they found it a very encouraging time and very helpful practically in pursuing the next step in their political journeys, with several people joining parties or getting more involved as a result.

In addition, Christians in Politics organised or spoke at a variety of other events in 2015 in churches around the country, at colleges and universities including St Mellitus College and Oxford University, and at several Christian festivals including Spring Harvest, New Wine, Momentum and Greenbelt.

Two of our Directors have moved on from heading up CCF and LDCF and have now got new jobs; Colin Bloom is now Director of Outreach for the Conservative Party and Claire Mathys is a Parliamentary Advisor to the Liberal Democrat Party. Both remain Christians in Politics Directors. Sarah Dickson has taken over as Director of LDCF and Gareth Wallace takes over as Director of CCF in the New Year.

We have another packed year ahead and are really looking forward to connecting with you in 2016!