I voted...now what?

Many of you would have been inspired by the #ShowUp campaign which has captured the imagination of Christians all over the country.

On election day, #ShowUp was trending on Twitter as Christians took to social media to encourage fellow believers to show up and vote. The #ShowUp videos have been shown in churches up and down the UK and even as far away as Tasmania! The campaign has been reported on TV, radio and in various printed media. There has been a real buzz and a huge amount of  attention and we have been so encouraged.

But many of you may be asking, 'what next?'. Now that the votes have been cast does that mean we simply wait around untill the next General Election?

Here at Christians in Politics we believe politics is for life, not just for elections. That's why we have lots of ways to get involved beyond May 7th. If you are feeling inspired by the #ShowUp campaign and want to commit to doing more than just voting, why not do one or all of the below?

1. Show Up Weekend

Are you aged 18-30s and wanting to explore how your faith can impact politics? We're organising a weekend aimed at you, with input from MPs, church leaders and biblical teachers to inspire and equip you to engage with the world around you and the political sphere.

Click here to find out more.

2. Join a Christian group within a party

There are a number of Christian groups within the different political parties that act as a bridge to the church and a prophetic voice to the party. They are always looking for new members, passionate about politics and keen to explore how their faith can have an impact.

Click here to find out more about the different organisations and how to get involved.

3. Organise a Christians in Politics event

Christians in Politics has trained speakers who can come share at your church, youth group or event. We love partnering with churches to inspire and equip Christians to engage in politics in a positive and meaningful way.

To start organising an event click here.