Hosting a hustings in your Church

Hosting a hustings in your Church

With the snap General Election fast approaching on 8 June, there will be hundreds of hustings taking place across the UK. Why not find out where the nearest one to you is, or even organise your own through your local church or community group?

Hustings are public meetings (often held at a local church) where election candidates speak to potential voters. They are a great way to hear directly from the candidates and to ask them questions about the issues you care about.

Guides to holding a hustings, or what questions you might wish to consider asking, are available here:

  1. The Churches Together Network
  2. The Evangelical Alliance
  3. The Joint Public Issues Team

Although these resources were originally produced for the 2015 election, much of their content can be readily applied to the upcoming 2017 election.

Please visit our Show Up website for information, videos and other resources for the General Election 2017