Decisions are made by those who Show Up

During this election campaign, much has been written about the various slogans and soundbites the different parties have used

And while Christians in Politics is most definitely not a political party, we have a 'sort of' slogan and it's this:  

Decisions are made by those who Show Up

Let that sink in for a moment… if we don’t show up and vote, political decisions will be taken by others who may not share our values.

Political decisions affect us in all sorts of ways: how much tax we pay, (and what those taxes are spent on), how often our bins are emptied, how long we wait for hospital appointments, how big class sizes are, how many police are 'on the beat', national security issues, support for those suffering religious persecution, standards that affect climate change ... I could go on!  

All of these decisions are taken by those who Show Up.  To be blunt - those who Show Up aren't necessarily the brightest, the prettiest (!), or those with the most Godly values or altruistic motives.  All they have done is to be willing to Show Up.

​What do I mean by Showing Up?

At its most basic this is about turning up to vote on election day. 

But showing up can be, (dare I say, should be), so much more than just voting. It’s also about participating in the long term.  It’s about reflecting on the issues that affect our community in the context of our faith and biblical values – and then speaking up.

But today – the focus is on the election and so I would remind you, encourage you, implore you, to Show Up….

 ‘And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God’ Micah 6v8