Claire Reports on Momentum 2014

Christians in Politics Director Claire Mathys spent the weekend at Momentum a Christian festival aimed at the 20s and 30s age group. She writes about some of her experiences.

For the first time ever, Christians in Politics was found this summer exhibiting in the toolshed (a.k.a. cowshed) at the buzzing conference for students, 20s and 30s known as Momentum. Tucked in between the YMCA and Oak Hall, we had a constant stream of young people making a bee-line for us for a chat or debate… or to get a selfie with Dave or Nick. Mainly smiles, but a few clenched fists. These life-size cardboard cut-outs went down a treat, and kept walking off and re-appearing in odd places, such as browsing the book stall.

As the email sign-up sheets filled up, and the piles of flyers and information shrank, we were increasingly encouraged by the response. There were many young people genuinely interested in politics and enthusiastic about getting involved, including a few who felt called into a career in politics. Our aim was to encourage them – to say, politics is a mission-field and a valid and important area of work for Christians. We need to be salt and light in all spheres of society, and politics is certainly one of them.

Momentum was a great conference and inspired people to live out their lives fully for God. It seemed to be full of motivated and passionate young people who want to serve God in their families and communities, with love, peace and justice. We’re hopeful that this generation will buck the trend of political apathy and disillusionment among young people, and have a real impact on our nation.