4 Prayer Requests from Canon Andrew White in Iraq

On Tuesday, Christians in Politics Director Colin Bloom was joined by Canon Andrew White (aka The Vicar of Baghdad) for the Conservative Christian Fellowship’s ‘Prayers for the Nations’.

Andrew White, back in the UK for a short while due to ill health, spoke movingly about the struggles Christians are facing in Iraq and now Syria. His relentless work to help perhaps the most persecuted and suffering people group in present day Middle East is not only admirable but entirely crucial.

While we - as Christians in the UK - can so often feel helpless in these situations, Andrew was at pains to stress the importance of the worldwide Christian family and in particular the support they offer through prayer.

So, if you’re someone that prays, here’s 4 things The Vicar of Baghdad asked that we unite in prayer for.

1. Protection

For God’s protection for the 1000s of Iraqi Christians under threat and also protection for the work of Andrew White and his colleagues.

2. Provision

The numbers that Andrew White and his team are reaching is truly astonishing. He stated that on an ordinary day he could be helping to feed 1000s of people. This, he informed us, requires money to go to the market and buy these provisions – simple needs that can get lost in the enormity of a crisis.

3. Perseverance

Persevering in spite of everything that is going on is another key prayer request. Andrew White asked that we pray he would continue in the love of Jesus and that in everything that lays before, he and in particular the Christians in Iraq he serves, would remember that Jesus loves them.

4. Peace

Finally we can pray for peace for the region and for the inner peace of those who are displaced and suffering. While understanding final reconciliation will only come with the return of Jesus we can pray for 'non-final’ reconciliation and a peaceful resolution in the region.