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Show Up 2017... Thoughts from a Broom Cupboard

A few weeks ago, I had the enormous privilege of being at a prayer gathering in St Mary Undercroft, which is the small chapel in the Palace of Westminster. Read more

Show Up 2017... Can’t be bothered to vote? Some reasons why you should….

You’re in the pub. The topic of the election comes up. Someone sighs: “Well, I can’t really be bothered to vote this year." What are you to say? Read more

General Election 2017

Theresa May has called a snap general election which will take place on 8 June. What, as Christians, can we do? How should we respond? Read more

Hosting a hustings in your Church

With the snap General Election fast approaching on 8 June, there will be hundreds of hustings taking place across the UK. Why not find out where the nearest one to you is, or even organise your own through your local church or community group? Read more

Highlights from our Show Up North Conference

What are the first steps one can take to engage in politics? How can one be a faithful Christian at the highest level of politics? What does it look like to disagree well? These questions were addressed at our Show Up North conference, where Christi... Read more

The primacy of relationships in politics

Perhaps one of the most simple and yet fundamental insights of Christians in Politics is that the success of our political life depends on the vitality of our relationships.  Read more

Youth Engagement Project

Christians in Politics is launching a youth engagement project. It aims to inspire and equip young Christians (particularly aged 18 – 25) to engage in politics in the most fruitful and compelling way possible. Read more

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