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New Wine 2017

Photos from New Wine, Shepton Mallet, 2017 Read more

Christians in Politics at New Wine 2017

Snippets from CiPol Seminars at New Wine 2017 Read more

Esther's Example

Esther's story shows that God works through worldly political processes - we too need to be in those messy political places. Are you being called to politics 'for such a time as this?' Read more

Daniel - a political hero

Daniel shows us it is possible to retain integrity within politics, but also there are 'times to defy and times to comply' Read more

Show Up 2017... Thoughts from a Broom Cupboard

A few weeks ago, I had the enormous privilege of being at a prayer gathering in St Mary Undercroft, which is the small chapel in the Palace of Westminster. Read more

Show Up 2017... Can’t be bothered to vote? Some reasons why you should….

You’re in the pub. The topic of the election comes up. Someone sighs: “Well, I can’t really be bothered to vote this year." What are you to say? Read more

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