Go 24-7

24-7 Prayer is a movement started over fifteen years ago and since that date thousands of groups have taken up the challenge of praying continuously night and day for a week. From US Naval Sea bases to Communist China to an election week in Zimbabwe, groups have created prayer rooms around the world, set aside seven days to pray and seen themselves, their communities and their nations transformed.

Get a group together and take up the 24-7 challenge. It’s easy to do and 24-7 Prayer will give you all the help you need.

And while you’re at it, put politics on your prayer list.

Here’s some ideas for what you can do in prayer room to help you pray for politics:

  • Get a picture of your local MP, the Prime Minister, leaders of the other parties and some members of the Cabinet. Pray over the leaders of this nation and ask that God will give them wisdom, compassion for the poor and love for one another.
  • Get some newspapers or cut out news articles to pray for specific political issues our nation is facing.
  • Have a ‘wailing wall’ where people can write their prayers for politicians and the politics of this nation for others to see and be encouraged.
  • Include a space to write to your local MP with stamped and addressed envelopes. When people pray they may feel compelled to contact their local MP about something God has placed on their heart.
  • Print off information about Christian MPs and pray they will be the ‘salt and light’ in government.