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Small group Bible study

Below is a Bible study for use in small groups.

Why should Christians care about the EU Referendum?

What is the EU?

The European Union is a political and economic partnership with 28 member states and an estimated population of 500 million people. The EU’s interests include peace among the nations and economic cooperation as well as issues of policy such as the environment, human rights, and international aid, hoping to tackle these areas through the co-operation of member states.

In essence the EU is about governance. So why should we care?

Ask each person to look up one of the following verses:

  • Genesis 1:26-28
  • Acts 17:24-27
  • Genesis 17:3-8
  • Deuteronomy 4:5-8
  • Isaiah 58:6-8
  • Luke 4:16-21
  • Philippians 2:9-11
  • Romans 13:1-5

What do these verses tell you about issues such as government, rule, nationhood, authority, law, and justice?

What, according to the Bible, is the role of government in God’s plans for humanity?

In what ways can it be considered to be ‘God-given’?

Why should Christians, therefore, care about governance, the EU and the upcoming Referendum?

Disagreeing well:

Archbishop Justin Welby recently said, with regards to the upcoming EU Referendum that “the only certainty is that there will be much heat… but it is a hugely important decision, with thoughtful and committed people, including Christians, on both sides.”

Read Matthew 5:9.

How can the church be peacemakers in the coming months?

The big issues:


The Bible says little about border controls or immigration, but it says a lot about migrants.

Read Exodus 22:21 & 1 Peter 2:11

How should the church treat aliens and migrants and why?


Read 1 Chronicles 29:11-12.

How does this verse make us reflect on the issue of sovereignty?


Read Psalm 23.

It is a well-known passage which we often think of when we are in times of strife. However, considering that it is written by King David - one of the most powerful political rulers in the Old Testament - what does it reveal about our leaders?

What does it mean for the King of Israel to confess to needing a shepherd?

Highlight the verbs in this passage (i.e. leads, restores). What does it reveal about God’s relationship to David?

Pray for our leaders throughout the EU Referendum process that, whether they know Him or not, God will be leading them and giving them wisdom.